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Apr 11, 2007

Compatibility Profile ( Si Pisces yang sesaje )

Pisces and Sagittarius can seem to bring out the absolute worst in each other, without even trying! Sagittarius becomes even more irresponsible and noncommittal than normal in Pisces presence, resisting the little Fish’s neediness. Pisces becomes more helpless and confused with Sagittarius around, sensing that there is a hero inside Sagittarius somewhere who is able to rescue him or her. Both of them feel insecure and tend to fall back into whatever negative habits they were challenged with in the past (and there is always at least one of those for each one of them). Despite the fact that they really, really like each other, it can turn into one big lost weekend, in the end. Both should look for a more compatible companionship.


  1. hurm.. mana shoutbox ko? dah ilang eh? hehe..

  2. update la cik abg~

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